On 3rd October I attended a training course surrounding behavior for learning. When I went into this course I had the perception that it would be able strategies to curb unwanted behaviour, but it was more about how to prepare children to be the best learners they could be.

The trainers described lots of strategies we could use including the use of a chime before and during lessons to ensure they are ready to learn. We then saw this in practice during a tour of the school. Before the chime was used the children seemed very off task and hyperactive. However, when the chime activity was done, the children were immediately calm and more on task. This is something I would like to implement in my classroom.

Also, the trainers presented the idea of children displaying how many ideas they had about a subject. This did this by holding up different amount of fingers. This is something I would like to partially implement in my classroom, however due to the age of my children I would reduce the amount of options the children have. I will show children if they do not understand to show a closed fist, if they have 1 idea to show one finger, and if they have many ideas to show 3 or more fingers. This will allow children to be more confident when doing their focus work as they will already know they have some/many ideas about their own understanding of the topic.