This week during enquiry time EYFS and Year 1 completed our research on the importance of decoding skills in early readers.

“Knowing the sounds of individual letters enables children to ‘decode’ new words – that is, to work out how to say a new word using
their understanding of how to say individual letters. This is a precursor to being able to understand the meaning of the word.”
Somich, C. 2015 How to teach all children to read by age 6

We also researched Phonological processing problem and Visual processing issues in order to better understand potential underlying issues for our students. These issues are not to do with sight as the names might suggest but to do with the ways in which the brain processes words and sounds.

We have finalised and started teaching our chosen decoding strategies and accompanying activities- such as phonics cubes, nonsense words and word jumbles. These strategies are are motivating and allows students to learn in a fun and playful way.

We are looking forward to sharing our findings soon!





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