Today, we gathered together to analyse the research that we had found around the importance of success criteria and how it can be purposefully implemented within a lesson.

Three quotes that captured our attention were made by Shirley Clarke who stated:

“Students will need to take more responsibility for their own education and how it is delivered – to ensure that it equips them of independent thought”

“Feedback from peers and teachers which focuses on successes, where the excellence is and improvements are needed”

“Without clear success criteria, children cannot take ownership of the skill and monitoring their performance against them”

With this in mind, years 3 and 4 have agreed to begin to implement ‘open’ success criteria in lessons which consist of explicit steps to success for just one specific learning criteria. The focus 5 children will explore, with the teacher, one element of the success criteria in further detail so this is embedded in their learning.

Once we have had our preliminary attempt, we aim to co-construct a lesson and begin to use Iris to initiate the lesson study process.