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Nursery Curriculum Map A2

Understanding BLP


We start each session by saying “Good Morning / Afternoon”, singing songs and rhymes and talking about our weekend or daily experiences.


We practise taking turns in conversations, listening to others and building our self confidence to speak in front of a familiar group.


During the Nursery session, we benefit greatly from adult support across the activities where we are encouraged to use a developing range of vocabulary.


We can take home a library book each week which must be returned for a new book to be issued.


We are encouraged to use a wide range of writing tools which are available in both the indoor and outdoor environment.


The children’s hand eye coordination is developed through construction and throwing and catching activities.


Pre-reading skills are developed across the curriculum in activities such as matching games, sound games, listening to and enjoying a range of stories and learning rhymes and songs.


We are taught how to hold writing tools correctly and develop good habits.


Snack times are spent in small groups. This is a relaxed, social time for us to talk together.

Nursery Curriculum Map

Autumn 2 Topic - People who help us

Building Learning Power:

Our learning muscles will be stretched this term as we focus on being a Collaborative Koala by working together to follow class promises and helping each other with activities.

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala
Communication, Language & Literacy
We will be going on an Autumn walk around the nursery and will talk about all the different things that we can see. Children will be encouraged to use full sentences and descriptive language.

This term the children will spend time working in small groups. The children will be given opportunities to listen to other children and to respond to others’ ideas and conversations. We will continue to practise taking turns in conversations, listening to others and building our self confidence to speak in front of a familiar group.

We will be exploring many different books this term that will take the children on a journey through different worlds including ‘The Lion Who Wanted to Love’ and ‘Forget Me Not: Friendship Blossoms. The children will practise sitting and listening skills and will be encouraged to join in on repeated phrases and rhymes within the stories that we read.

During this term we will also be spending time learning how to say and hear rhymes in different contexts. We will practise this by playing rhyming games, singing rhyming songs and reading rhyming stories. The children will be able to practise rhymes in different activities like silly soup, matching different rhyming pictures and rhyming walks.

BASICS & Characteristics of Learning
This half term we will be focussing on the following two characteristics:

  • Playing and Exploring – being willing to ‘have a go’ at a range of activities.
  • Belonging — to our class and school
Personal, Social & Emotional
Time will be spent focusing on our emotions, how we feel and how are friends around us are feeling.

During circle time we will play games to think about how others are feeling and ways in which we can respond to these feelings.

Physical Development
We will be developing different ways for the children to confidently move. In the outside environment we will be experimenting with being different animals and how they move: slithering like a snake, hopping like a rabbit and jumping like a kangaroo. Inside, the children will have the opportunity to develop their dance skills through listening to a range of different music.

We will continue to develop fine motor skills through a range of activities such as threading, play dough, small construction and finger painting.

We will be using a wide range of writing tools which are available both in our indoor and outdoor environment. We will be teaching the children how to hold writing tools correctly so they begin to develop good habits.

This half term there is still a strong focus on shape names and counting to 10 and matching quantity to number names. We will be going on number and shape hunts around the nursery, both inside and outside, for the children to pick out numbers and shapes that they know. There will be different activities set up for the children to extend and secure their number knowledge.

We will also continue our learning around different 2d shapes. We are going to make shape monsters and we will go on a shape hunt. We are going to categorise the objects into different shape categories.

Expressive Arts & Design
Imaginative play takes place daily in Nursery through a variety of play situations, particularly in the role play area. This half term our role play area will be turned into a hospital. Children go to the doctor and dentist and are interested in what happens when they are there. This is the chance to explore and to learn more about people who help us.

There will be many opportunities throughout the term for the children to experiment with colour and materials through painting, printing, junk modelling and cutting and sticking.

Understanding of the World
We are going to look at the different seasons.

We will start with Autumn and observe how the world changes around us as we get closer to Winter. Children will be encouraged to comment and ask questions about animals, plants and the world around them.

We will extend our learning around the topic of ‘people who help us’ by looking at different occupations. Who are the people that help at the supermarket or at the dentist, what is the job of a firefighter?

Mr Sewnandan

Miss Tustian