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Playground Champion

Someone who cares

Who are the Playground Champions?

  • Playground Champions will work each lunchtime/break time to help other children in school to solve their problems and disputes.
  • Playground Champions will have special training to help them to work with the other children.
  • Playground Champions will have the support of the school staff to help them.
  • Playground Champions will be very important in helping staff to ensure that the school is safe for all children.
  • Playground Champions will be easy to identify.

What do Playground Champions Do?

  • Playground Champions will be easy to identify.
  • Playground Champions will work in pairs each lunchtime.
  • Playground Champions will be based on the decking in the KS2 playground.
  • Sometimes the Playground Champions will be in the playground and will look to see if there are any children who appear to be unhappy or need some support if they are feeling sad or lonely.
  • If there has been an incident in the playground the children will come to them for advice and support on how best to solve the problem.

What qualities does a Playground Champion need to have?

  • You must want to help the other children in your school and make your school a happier place to be.
  • You must be reliable and committed to the programme and the BASICS model.
  • You must be prepared to give up your lunchtimes when you are on the decking rota.
  • You must be prepared to take part in the training.

How can Playground Champions help ME?

  • If you are sad or lonely, a Playground Champion will listen to and try and help
  • If you have fallen out with a friend, a Playground Champion will listen to you and try and help.
  • If you have no one to play with, a Playground Champion will listen and try and help.
  • If you are involved in a more serious incident in the playground, a Playground Champion will make sure you are helped by an adult.
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