As a Nursery teacher I am interested and keen to learn how children develop in all areas. In Nursery, children are being taught the skills they need to become independent and confident, we also learn (basic) skills in all seven areas of the EYFS curriculum. Children start their Nursery journey at different levels and the literacy part of their learning is not the same for everyone. The Read, Write, Inc. training has made me aware of what we teach and learn in Nursery, to prepare children for the rest of their school life, is important; we help children to develop their muscles to hold a pencil, but equally important we sing lots of Nursery rhymes and read stories to and with the children. As Laura (RWI trainer) said to all the people at the training; ‘Reading is very important because it helps developing children’s brain, imagination and vocabulary’. These skills are helpful for the future because not only children’s vocabulary is widened, but they also develop their thinking skills. When there is a consistency in reading every day with enthusiasm and passion, the rest will follow automatically. For me focusing on reading, mark making and phonics phase 1 (letters and sounds; listening and attention) are the right steps to get the children ready for Read, Write, Inc. after Christmas. The most important message of this training has been the reassurance that children in Early Years learn through play, so phonics can be integrated in all areas of their learning, apart from the formal teaching of the sounds.

Rituraj Sewnandan