The BIG Talk

Everything you need to know. Talk happens all the time.



We model different types of talk throughout the school day.


We continue to introduce and explore new vocabulary to the children at regular intervals.


In Big Talk the children sit with their learning partner in class.


We allow plenty of time for children to talk and discuss and then share ideas with the class.



We practise looking, listening and speaking to our partners.


Weekly carpet sessions: we focus on developing the children’s speaking and listening skills.

What else can we do?
  • Talk, talk, talk! Give your child a rich language experience by making use of everyday situations and sharing stories, rhymes and poems.
  • Be a good language model: speak to your child in the language that you feel most comfortable with. It is the quality of interaction that is important, it doesn’t matter which language you use.

  • When reading with your child at home encourage them to use picture clues to work out new words.

  • Talk about the what’s happening in the pictures and discuss what might happen at the end.

  • Play dough, small construction, threading and painting, all these will help to develop strong finger muscles.

  • When you’re out and about see what numbers are around in your environment for e.g. on door and buses.

  • Try make it part of your daily routine. Remember 5 minutes is better than a 15 minute slog!