BASICS at Montpelier Primary School

“The school’s ‘BASICS’ philosophy encourages a sense of ‘belonging, aspiration, success, identity, challenge and safety’, which, in turn, underpins the promotion of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual, and cultural development.”
OFSTED Report 2012


Each child is part of the group and his or her contribution, whatever its nature, is valued – he or she feels a sense of belonging.


Each child is encouraged to work towards their own achievable goals, and reflect on their progress as he or she does so – pupils are learners with aspirations.


The school is a safe haven for learning where there is consistency in expectations and standards – pupils learn with safety.


A realistic level of self-knowledge is supported by the belief that individuality is not threatened by undue pressure to conform – pupils build an identity and a recognisable individuality.


Acquiring coping strategies are an important part of development and of learning – pupils experience, and learn to manage challenge and in doing so develop a range of coping strategies.


Mistakes are valuable learning tools in an environment where pupils can take risks and achievement is still valued – teachers reinforce success and everyone learns from ‘failure’.