Year 3 will implement ‘Build a sentence,’ emphasising on ambitious adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions. We are going to work with a small group in our literacy lessons and continue to use Think it, say it, write it, and check it; to reinforce this. We have chosen this because our 27 point writers need to develop and extend ideas logically adding detail.

In addition, we will implement talk partner hand signal and stop signal, to encourage discussion and prompt engagement quicker.

Whilst giving out spellings, year 3 will spend 10 minutes discussing spelling patterns and meaning. This will ensure children have a basic understanding of words and the rules we are sending home.

Year 3 will also identify children who will benefit from 5 min 1:1 sessions to plug the gap. The session will start with the use of letter sounds and progress to letter names. We have decided to do this due to a few children having gaps in their understanding. We will set 2 week targets.