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Homework is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday.


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Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.



Spelling words are posted on this page each week for all groups. They are tested every week.


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Your class PE day is every Monday. Please remember your full Physical Education kit on this day.



Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.



Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).

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Year 3 Curriculum Map

Summer 1 Topic - Stone Age to Iron Age

Building Learning Power:

What links are there between Stone Age and Iron Age civilisations? We will be looking at change during this era. Year 3 will be collaborating koalas during science investigations, as well as questioning queen bees to devise their own investigative questions.

Be a Making Links Lion

Be a Making Links Lion

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

A diary is a fantastic way to keep track of thoughts and reflect back on past memories. Therefore, children will be creating diary entries from the perspective of the main character in our text, ‘Cinderella of the Nile.’ I wonder what sort of important thoughts and memories an Egyptian princess would write about…?

This term will also be a fantastic opportunity for us carry on our grammar work including homophones, prefixes, suffixes and conjunctions. Homophones are words which have different spelling but share the same meaning.


If you have three fifths of the pizza, but your brother has two fifths—who has more to snack on? I hope you are ready for more problems just like this as we open the world of fantastic fractions!

Later on in the term we will also spend many maths lessons learning about time.


In our science topic you might have a whole new appreciation for the inventor of the lightbulb, as we investigate light, shadows, reflections and more.

Did you know that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect our eyes from the rays? Towards the end of term we will conduct an experiment on the patterns that shadows create when a light source moves.


Just like Stone Age cave artists, we use modern technology to communicate! You will be learning about a number of e-safety matters, communicating with other internet users responsibly. We will also discuss making sensible choices about the amount of screen time we use.


Year 3 will be embarking on an exciting new project focusing on hunter- gatherers, Stonehenge, Skara Brae and technology and art during the pre-history period. We will be comparing Stone Age and Iron Age societies to the way we live today.


We will be exploring descriptive sounds as well as improvising and composing music for a range of purposes using dynamics and tempo. We will create musical patterns to express different types of sounds for different places, for example the beach and the rainforest.

Art & Design Technology

Do you know why people from the Stone Age created paintings in caves? Interestingly, they were an early form of communication and art. We will be creating our own cave paintings using a range of resources including charcoal, pastels and watercolours.

Religious Education

Many religions have their own festival of light…

Do you celebrate any festivals? Year 3 will be exploring Eid, Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah. We will be discussing the importance and rituals of these festivals for different religions.


Where in Britain can we find evidence of Stone Age and Iron Age civilisations? Stonehenge is our most famous landmark which shows primary evidence of these civilisations. We will also be looking at the migration of people during this period and the transport they used.

Physical Education

This term year 3 will be taking part in dance, cricket and athletics. The skills they will be focusing on are hand eye coordination, speed and power through athletics and also fine control of their bodies through dance.


Do you know any animals in French? Year 3 will be learning about animals, discussing colours and movement, whilst listening and responding to a variety of stories e.g. sleeping beauty; ’la belle au bois dormant’.


In assemblies this term KS2 will learn more about the 4R’s of Building Learning Power: Reflectiveness, Reciprocity, Resilience and Resourcefulness. We will enjoy Year 1 and Reception class assemblies too.


Pupils will be taught how to develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships, within a range of social/cultural contexts


We will be using our local environment to explore and find resources that are similar to those that cavemen used in the past to create cave paintings. We will be investigating shadows from buildings, objects and people.

Global Citizenship

We will be discussing how our own choices have an impact on the local and global environment. We will be using opinion continuums to demonstrate and explain our own choices.



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