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Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).

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Year 3 Curriculum Map

Summer 2 Topic - Mountains

Building Learning Power:

What is the difference between a mountain and a volcano? We will be planning and creating a fact sheet about Mount Everest. Year 3 will be collaborative koalas during science as we will be exploring how rocks are formed. We will be questioning queen bees to devise our own investigative questions

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

Be a Planning Panda

Be a Planning Panda

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala

Have you heard of the famous Pied Piper of Hamelin? We will be reading a classic fable and writing our very own narrative based on this genre. This will be a great opportunity to include speech and powerful vocabulary to keep your story interesting.

How is a play put together? Of course you would need to start with a script. We will think about the different scenes that need to be set, characters, conversations and the layout that comes with writing a play script, something very different to a fictional story.


Tick, tock, tick, tock—we are learning about time! Can you tell the difference between five minutes past two and two minutes past five?

This half term will also be jam-packed learning on the topics of mass, capacity and shape. We will need to be familiar with both 2D and 3D shapes as well as units of measure like grams, kilograms, litres and so on.


Don’t be fooled by the humble rock – there is a world of knowledge that we can discover from what appears naturally on our Earth!

We will compare different sorts of rocks and determine which are the strongest and weakest, which ones are waterproof and more. Don’t forget about soils, fossils, mountains and volcanoes which will all be discussed during our Science Dome visit.


This half term we are opinion pollsters! We are going to design and create an online survey for our peers to fill in. During this we will discuss online privacy and using the internet considerately.


Do you know how countries and continents came to look the way they do? Did you know that it took millions of years for the land and the oceans to form in this way? We will be learning about how volcanoes were important in the formation of the world and land as it is now.


This term we will be learning how sound can paint colours and create moods and emotion. Children will explore different combinations of pitched sounds and will assess how different pieces capture a mood.

Art & Design Technology

Have you ever wanted to be a designer when you grow up? Then you will need to use something called a design criteria! We will teach you how this term as we make our very own volcanoes. We are also going to cut and attach pieces together with slot techniques.

Religious Education

With the help of our Computing skills, children will explore stories from world religions and will collaborate with others to re-enact them. We will consider how different religions may have a link between them such as the theme of light.


This term we will be learning how mountains are formed and we will be looking at different examples of mountains. We will be learning about the structure of volcanoes and why and how volcanic eruptions happen. Finally we will investigate where earthquakes occur most frequently.

Physical Education

What sports are involved in athletics? We will be learning how to sprint and improve stamina, throw a javelin, throw a discus/shot put and the techniques for long jump and high jump.


Can you say what vegetables you like in French? This half term’s topic is ’Ca Pousse’. Year 3 will be exploring some names of vegetables and learning to say what they don’t like and do like e.g. la pomme, une tomate.

In assemblies this term KS2 will hear stories about kindness. They will also learn about being good sportsmen and wom- en in readiness for Sports Day.
Growing Up
This half term the children will all be working on keeping a positive mindset. How can we stay positive when things are tough? Who can we turn to?
This term the children will be visited by the Science Dome to learn all about volcanoes. Are sports your thing? We will be having our annual Sports Day too.
Global Citizenship
Year 3 will look at how mountains have an impact on society. We will be participating in the EE challenge day which helps us to use our ideas to benefit others in the community.

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