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Welcome to Year 4 Learning

Key information for children, parents and carers

Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 Spellings Homework




is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday. It is often posted on iMontpelier.

Big Talk

Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.


Spelling words are posted on iMontpelier. They are tested every week on Friday.

Physical Education

Your class PE day is Tuesday. Please remember your PE kit on this day. 4AG will need their swimming kit this term.


Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.


Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).
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Year 4 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 Topic - Under the Canopy

Building Learning Power:

Year 4 will be continuing to develop our learning muscles this term. We will be using our noticing skills to help us to find sophisticated vocabulary to use in our learning, asking probing questions and collaborating with our new learning partners.

Be a Noticing Newt

Be a Noticing Newt

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

Be a Questioning Queen Bee

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala
Imagine a world where things aren’t quite what they seem. Year four will be going on a journey to explore imaginary worlds using figurative language.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis will be our class text, but what other magical worlds can you discover in your independent reading? As information text authors, we will create our own class rainforest books. These will include the exciting facts that we have learned about rainforest animals.

The year four teachers are all avid readers and are looking forward to enhancing the children’s passion for reading. Guided reading will include learning new roles to help us explore the text in more detail.

We will be practising spelling words using different suffixes. For example: -sure, -ation, -ture and –sion.

Our writing will be fantastic this term as we will use adverbs at the start of sentences and understand how complex sentences work.


What is the value of the underlined digit?

This half term the children will be deepening their understanding and knowledge of place value.

We will be comparing and ordering numbers up to 10,000 Can you round 564 to the nearest 100?

The children in year 4 will focus on improving their rounding skills.

Further to this, the children will be consolidating their addition and subtraction, specifically with whole numbers up to 4 digits.

In addition to this, we will be ensuring the children have opportunities to practice their problem solving and reasoning

Teeth! Mouth! Oesophagus! Stomach! Small intestine! Large intestine! Colon!

You might be feeling queasy in science as we learn the fascinating difference between humans and other animals. We will digest some facts about how food chains vary and create our own digestion model in the classroom.

How can we present the things we learn in different ways?

We all love using computers to learn. In year four, we will be using technology safely, responsibly and respectfully to become co-authors of our own wiki.
Our rainforest topic will allow us to investigate the changes that can occur over time. We will learn a little about the history of draftsmanship and Galileo’s ingenious compass.
Year 4 will be starting ukulele lessons this term with a specialist teacher. They will also paint pictures using sound in their music lessons.
Art & Design Technology
Can you imagine what the rainforest is like? Come to year four’s rainforest café where you will discover the creatures that year four have drawn and get to taste their sumptuous fruit smoothies
Religious Education
Year Four will be learning about initiation practices in different religions. What do you do when you start something new? How are new beginnings celebrated in your life?
  • Where are the world’s rainforests?
  • Can you find them on a map of the world?
  • What makes the rainforests so special?
  • Why do these rich, diverse habitats emerge in certain climates?

These are questions that we will be exploring in our learning.

Physical Education
Splish, splash, splosh. 4MC will be getting their toes wet at Gurnell swimming pool and learning how to swim.

Fancy being the next David Beckham? The rest of year four will be learning to develop the skills to play football and cricket.


Year four are revising their greetings in French this term. Quel âge as-tu? Everyone in year four will be revising their numbers from 1-20.

In assemblies this term our BASICS focus is on Belonging and Aspiration as we start a new academic year. We will be recognising Black History Month in October and celebrating the school’s diverse community during International Week.

The children will be asked to collect contributions for Ealing Foodbank later this half term as we support those in our community who are in need.

Health and Wellbeing

This term children will be learning what is meant by a healthy lifestyle, maintaining positive wellbeing and ways of keeping emotionally and physically safe.

We will learn about rights and responsibilities and diversity and equality.

Slimy, sticky, slithery, scaly;

Which adjectives will you use to describe the fascinating rainforest creatures that come to visit year four from Hounslow Urban Farm?

Through our rainforest topic we will be developing an understanding of global issues such as deforestation and protecting endangered species.

What is The Big Talk?

Mr Almond

Miss Voden

Mrs Cross

Mrs Maxwell

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