Year 4 and 5 have incorporated a range of different strategies to teach comprehension to to their classes. In particular, on Mondays class texts (a range of fiction and non-fiction) have been introduced with a set of comprehension questions that followed. Children have been encouraged to answer in full sentences, incorporating parts of the question in their answer, to ensure that answers are sensible and relate to the question.

Focus groups have been chosen based on PIRA assessments and Overall Teacher Judgement. Teachers work with these focus groups and build comprehension skills using specific question types i.e. inference and language.

Research suggests that using computers allows children to have greater interaction and engagement thus year 4 has been using e-books to read, listen, and answer questions about a range of text types. They will be sharing this strategy with year 5 because of it’s success.

Next steps:

Year 4&5 will send out holiday homework to “read in a funny place” so we can update the reading wall in the year 4&5 corridor.

We are also looking into the app ‘inference ace’ and have an idea about getting a group of our target children to use the app on the teachers iPad.

Research says that children should work collaboratively in applying comprehension strategies and skills we will do this by going APE (answer it, prove it, explain it). Year 4 and 5 children will be reading a differentiated text in pairs and will discuss how to answer the questions. The aim is that children will learn these strategies and become more independent when applying them.