Having observed the lovely 6MB, I came away with lots to trial in my own class. I thought it was really useful having seen Margaret implement things she had learnt from previous insets, such as “tell your partner” (from our Read Write Inc inset).

This made me feel more confident and comfortable trying it in my own class, especially as I saw how year 6 pupils responded to it so well! It also helped to see the standard of language and writing expected in year 6, so that I know what to progress my HA learners on to next. I noticed how children were really engaged in their learning as a result of previous lessons which were interactive e.g. in relation to their unit, they had previously been exposed to a crime scene arranged by the teacher which they took notes on.

This had obviously hooked them in and made them more enthusiastic about their writing. This has inspired me to plan for more interactive activities in English both for learning and enjoyment benefits. Year 5 will actually be setting up their own crime scene for our report writing unit.