Activity & Fitness

Helping your child have happy playtimes
Playtime Equipment
  • Ask what is allowed in the playground and instruct your child (some equipment will not be allowed for safety reasons as there are so many children in the playground at the same time).
  • Children need to be taught how to play safely at home. If wrestling is allowed at home it will no doubt appear in the playground, where it is too dangerous and can become out of hand.
  • Teach children how to look after something. Have a competition at home where everyone has an object to look after for a month. E.g. bag of sugar or a tea bag whose is in the best state at the end of the month?
  • Write your child’s name on all of the items that your child brings to school.
Playtime Frienships
  • Invite other children over to help your child build friendships and share toys.
  • Allow your child to join clubs that develop friendships and help your child to follow rules e.g. football club, Brownies, dance club.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to play football etc in the park with others (children begin to understand contact sports and rules).
  • Allow your child to see you modelling good friendship (children who observe shouting and so on, tend to themselves. While parents who fall out tend to see the children falling out also).
  • Talk friendship issues over with your child. Help them to understand the other child’s feelings.
  • When having birthday parties invite children so no one child is left out.
Playtime Games
  • Children should come to school knowing how to play some games and having had the opportunity to play creatively.
  • Teach your child how to play some simple games.
  • Allow opportunities for your child to play games where they take on characters. E.g. Playing schools, shops etc with other children.
  • When the children fall out talk to them as a group and help them to sort out the problem. Telling them off will not give them strategies for coping.
  • Play board games that require turn taking and someone losing. Many children find losing difficult to handle if they have not experienced it elsewhere.

Local information

Useful websites
Leisure Centres
There is always lots going on in the borough’s leisure centres to get involved in. You can find details by calling your local centre.
Local Leisure Centre Details
  • Elthorne Sports Centre, W7
    • Tel: 020 8579 3226
    • Email:
  • Greenford Sports Centre, UB1 
    • Tel: 020 8575 9157
    • Email:
  • Gurnell Leisure Centre, W13
    • Tel: 020 8998 3241
    • Email:
  • Dormers Wells Leisure Centre, UB1 
    • Tel: 020 8571 7207
    • Email:
  • Northolt High Sports Centre, UB5
    • Tel: 020 8423 7306
    • Email:
  • Northolt Leisure Centre, UB5
    • Tel: 020 8825 7014
    • Email:
  • Reynolds Sports Centre, W3
    • Tel: 020 8993 5955
    • Email:
  • Southall Sports Centre, UB1
    • Tel: 020 8571 8871
    • Email:
  • Twyford Sports Centre, W3
    • Tel: 020 8993 9095
    • Email:
Parks & Open Spaces
Play Centres
  • Run drop in stay and play sessions during the school holidays. For a full list: Click here.
Met Track
  • Free sports scheme for young people aged 10-17 years of age. It takes place every Friday at Perivale Athletics Track, Stockdove Way, off Argyle Road, Perivale, Middlesex UB6 8TJ from 4:30pm – 6pm. Advance booking not required – just turn up at the weekly sessions. For more information: Click here.
Soft Play
  • A little cheaper than the average soft play a 45 minute session at Brentford Leisure Centre costs £1.80 (children 11 and under) and is open Monday – Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am-11.15am. More information at Also, Wyevale Garden Centre in Osterley has a free small soft play area for younger children find out more at: The Garden Centre Group.
Girl Guides & Scouts
  • Local groups welcome new members – there are different clubs for various age groups between 5 and 25. Children meet weekly and participate in fun activities and make new friends. Clubs are very reasonably priced. To enquire about your clubs for boys go to or call 0845 300 1818 and for girls go to or call 0161 941 2237.
Family Information Service
  • The Ealing Family Information Service hold lots more information about activities and clubs for children and young people. You can call them on 020 8825 5588 between 9am and 5pm, Mon-Fri or drop in to Ealing Early Years Childcare and Play, 25a Laurel Gardens, Hanwell, W7 3J (Opposite Grays Garage, Uxbridge Road).
Family Services Directory
  • You can also search the Family Services Directory: Click here.