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Phonic Homework

Phonic homework is given out every Thursday. Please work every day with your child to practise recently taught phonic sounds and words.

Reading Books

Reading books are given out every Thursday. Bring your completed reading record into school on Monday with your reading and library books.

Friday Newsletter

At the bottom of each newsletter we provide a suggested home activity. Please make an effort to do this with your child over the weekend.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education day is Friday. The children’s full PE kits stay at school and are sent home for the holidays. Please check that your child has a full PE kit.

Reception Curriculum Map

AUTUMN 1 Topic - All About Me

Building Learning Power:

Our learning muscles will be stretched this term as we focus on being Noticing Newts as we notice things around our new classroom and school environment.

Be a Noticing Newt

Be a Noticing Newt
Communication, Language & Literacy
Our first topic will be ‘all about me’. In this topic we will be looking at our families, our senses, similarities and differences, and belonging to our school community. This project crosses all areas of our learning and is underpinned by our school ‘BASICS’ ethos.

Reading will be taught through guided reading as well as through literacy and phonics lessons.

This half term we will be introducing daily phonics sessions. Each lesson the children will be introduced to a new sound and will practise saying, writing and applying the sound to words.

10 green bottles sitting on the wall…’

We love to sing in Reception! Using well known number songs and rhymes the children will be learning a number of maths concepts such as counting forwards and backwards.

We will set up activities both indoor and outdoor to practise key maths skills including number recognition, number ordering and one to one correspondence.

We will be developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of patterns and simple 2D shapes. Some of the practical activities we will be doing include making repeated patterns and shape pictures.

BASICS & Characteristics of Learning
This half term we will be focussing on following two characteristics:

  • Playing and Exploring – using our senses to explore the world around us.
  • Active Learning – bouncing back after difficulties.
  • Belonging – to our class and school.
Expressive Arts & Design
We will be making self portraits for our classroom display. While learning about senses we will
be exploring the importance of them. We will be taking part in developing the role play area in each class.

This half term it will be a home corner, where we will paint the house and decide on additional props to make the house an exciting place to be.

Personal, Social & Emotional
We believe it is vital for children to feel safe, secure and confident within their environment.

During circle time we will be playing games to help children learn about one another. We will discover things that we have in common and things that are different.

We will organise activities to support developing positive friendships and feeling comfortable in our new class.

Understanding of the World
We will start by looking at ourselves, our family, and our school environment. We will be going on an Autumn walk to look at the seasonal changes in the environment.

We will make our own Autumn page about the things we have seen on our walk and will be exploring animals that hibernate and why they do this.

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