Montpelier Primary School Volunteers

The help we receive from our community in school is highly valued by both staff and pupils.

I’ve been a volunteer for the past 5 years and have really enjoyed every minute of it. From photocopying and filing to reading and writing with children or helping out with class displays or the art week exhibition… it’s an incredibly rewarding experience and you are freeing teachers’ time to focus on the important things.


School Volunteer

Being a parent volunteer was an extremely rewarding experience: not only was I contributing to the school by providing extra support, but also building special relationships with the teachers, school staff and the children.


School Volunteer

I began helping out for a few hours a week when my child was in reception. It was really rewarding, helping the teacher with various tasks and getting to know how the school functioned.


School Volunteer

Who are they?

Our regular volunteers are mainly, though not exclusively, parents of pupils in the school. We also welcome grandparents, other relatives, carers and friends of the school.

What time commitment is involved?

Volunteers usually commit to a regular weekly time. This could be anything from one hour to a whole morning of 3 hours or an afternoon of 2 hours.

Committing to a regular slot enables class teachers to plan to make the most effective use of your time while in school and enables you to develop relationships with the staff and pupils. We ask that volunteers to commit to at least one term (12 weeks approximately).

What is involved in volunteering?

Most of our volunteers are attached to a particular class or year group. They support teachers with preparing work by photocopying, making up resources, (this usually involves a lot of cutting and sticking), backing work for displays.

Some of this work, particularly for the younger pupils can be very time consuming for teachers and they really do appreciate the help. Some of our volunteers read with individual pupils, or support them to complete a piece of work set by the teacher.

Can I help in my child’s class?

We do not assign volunteers to the same year group as their children for reasons of confidentiality although we do try to accommodate requests for a particular age range i.e. early years, infants or juniors.

English is not my first language...

English is not my first language and my written skills are not proficient, can I still help?
There are many tasks that do not require written skills and volunteering is a great way to deepen your understanding of the English education system. As long as your spoken English is good enough to understand basic instructions we would welcome your help.

What is a DBS?

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service. All adults who come into regular contact with children are required to complete DBS check. As a volunteer you will be asked to apply for a DBS. Your details will be checked to ensure you do not have a criminal record that may prevent you from working in a school.

How do I register my interest?

Ask for a volunteers pack at the school office. We will be informed once you have a DBS clearance certificate, this currently takes about 6 weeks. The school will contact you to arrange an induction meeting to get you started.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions about the role of volunteer please do not hesitate to contact the deputy head-teacher, Ms Glanz via the school office, who runs the volunteers programme.

I would really recommend to anyone who has some spare time to get involved with school life this way, as for me it has enriched my view of my children’s school days and also helps the teachers tremendously too.


School Volunteer

I have been volunteering at Montpelier for 1 year and I really enjoy it. Teachers and other staff I’ve worked with are all friendly and kind so even with my language barrier as a Japanese I feel comfortable working with them. My children are proud of me helping at school. I think it gives them a feeling that our family is part of Montpelier school.


School Volunteer