Why is it good to walk to school?

Walking is an easy, fun and healthy activity that children and families can do every day!
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Montpelier - Walk to School A

It’s also great fun to join up with friends along the way on your journey to school, so why not ask a few friends to walk together and start making it part of your daily routine?

There are so many benefits to walking to school but remember to stay safe and set a good example to your children.

Online resources are available at the following links to help you teach your child about staying safe whilst walking to school and have fun along the way!

Walk About, Talk About

Walk about, Talk about, is a multimedia DVD resource for parents and carers of pre-school aged children in London. Pre-school settings and Borough professionals can also use this resource as part of road safety related tasks and initiatives.

Pedestrian Safety. Think! Education

Walking is good for children’s health and fitness and we support parents who encourage their children to walk as much as possible. Taking your child in the car for short journeys puts more traffic on the road and adds to the problem.

Walk About, Talk About
Think! Education

Plan your walk to school with your child!



Walk About, Talk About

Walking to school is a great way to engage with your child and teach them about crossing the roads safely along your journey.

Walking to school with your child counts towards the recommended daily target of at least 180 minutes of physical activity for children under 5 years old, or a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate activity for 5 to 18 year olds!

Walking is the most popular way parents travel and you and your child can meet lots of friends from school along the way.

Walk About, Talk About