We have had an extremely productive time out this afternoon!

We have been doing a lot of research into what decoding is and the importance of it as part of children’s reading. Our research has highlighted this as a major first step in children’s reading, which without the skills of decoding could set them up to struggle throughout school and life.

We have identified each target group in our year groups and have identified each child’s barriers (SEN, EAL, Pupil Premium and Summer born). From here we have identified that in Reception out of the 19 children in our target group, 17 of them are EAL. In Year 1 their barrier was summer born. In Nursery, the higher ability children were autumn born and have older siblings.

We are going to conduct a baseline assessment on each child in our focus groups using phonics trackers. From there we will be able to see where our children are and can then come up with effective strategies to teach decoding.

Year 1 and EYFS