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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Phonic Spelling Patterns

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Homework is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday.

Big Talk

The children’s Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.


Spelling words are posted on this page each week for all groups. They are tested every week.

Physical Education

Your class PE day is Thursday. Please remember your PE kit on this day.


Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.


Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only.
Mathletics at Montpelier Primary School
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New Mathematics Vocabulary for Year 1

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Year 1 Curriculum Map


Building Learning Power:

Year 1 will continue to use lots of learning muscles. We will focus on being a collaborative koala through engaging group activities and we will learn to be an imagining iguana through drama and play.

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Managing Distractions Dinosaur

Be a Managing Distractions Dinosaur

Be an Empathetic Elephant

Be an Empathetic Elephant
Get ready to be blown away into a land of traditional tales where the big bad wolf is lurking! As we learn about buildings and structures we will investigate and use amazing adjectives to describe the houses made by the three little pigs. If you had to make a strong house what materials would you use and how could you describe them? We will be using our new knowledge of the conjunction ‘but’.

At the end of our unit we will be putting together a non fiction book full of exciting facts about our fantastic buildings and structures in the local area. Parents will be invited to our cross curricular Model Village show to show off our amazing English work.

Do you know all your number bonds to 20? This term, we will continue to practise adding and subtracting using numicon and a number line within 20.

We will also be learning about the 2-D and 3-D shapes. You will have a lot of fun learning about the shapes as you will be engaging in hands on lessons that require you to describe the shapes using correct mathematical language.

This half term’s science topic will be everyday materials. We will be using our previous skills in making predictions and experimenting to carry out fun investigations using different materials.

We will look at these everyday materials in exciting ways by linking our science lessons to our overall theme of buildings and structures and thinking about different materials which are suitable for the buildings we are going to make. Are you ready to make a house for the three little pigs? Don’t let the big bad wolf blow it away!

This term, we will continue practising how to give clear instructions. We will be learning to program by using Bee Bots to understand algorithms.
In History we will be looking at buildings from different eras and how they have changed.
We will use our special singing voices creatively by performing songs and adding some fun moves. This term we will create our own class chants and will even use our previous understanding of poetry to add a bit of rhythm and rhyme! Don’t forget to hear our music at the Christmas concert!
Art & Design Technology
We will be starting to use a range of materials to design and make products. With a fun link to our topic of buildings and structures, our art lessons will have a strong focus on step-by-step designing and producing our very own model village!
Religious Education
This term we will be learning about special places for people who belong to different religions.
This term we will be locating the world’s seven continents and five oceans. We will also be looking at bridges from around the world. This will be linked to our science topic where we will look at the different materials the bridges are made of.
Physical Education
In P.E we will be exploring traveling; expressing this through dance. Showtime will be like a west end production.
Un, deux, trois! Get ready to count to 20 in French and learn lots of fun and exciting songs that will help us with our greetings.
KS1 assemblies will focus on Safety and Identity this half term. We will learn the qualities of being a good friend and particularly apply these during Anti-Bullying Week.
Be friendly, be wise! This term in PSHCE we will be learning about the importance of health.
This half term, we will be rehearsing for our Christmas concert. Parents will also be invited to our buildings and structures Model Village show, where we will have the chance to show off all of our amazing work on our buildings and structures topic.
This term we will learn to understand the importance of valuing each other’s identities. We will celebrate our unique differences and similarities by engaging in fun circle time discussions.

Supporting Home Learning for Parents

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