In hopes of closing the gaps observed between girls and boys reading and comprehension levels, we have been working hard looking at current research and strategies used by other primary schools around the country with a focus on reading for pleasure. As stated by Clark and Phythian-Sence [2008] An important factor  in developing reading for pleasure is choice; choice and interest are highly related.

We have begun collecting resources and formulating strategies to implement into our own classes. Letters will soon be sent home requesting resources to be donated in hopes of gathering a plethora of different texts for us to utilize. We will also be sourcing themed texts from our very own library to add to our resource bank.

These resources will be used during our Friday reading for pleasure session where students will be given a select group of texts alongside varied challenge questions to aid in comprehension and engagement in reading.

It is our hopes that by providing our students with a variety of texts, such as leaflets, educational magazines and brochures, along with in depth challenge questions, the children will not only be engaged, however also intrigued about the new medium and able to demonstrate their understanding of text information on a higher level.