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Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Essential Reads
Common Exception Words
Mental Arithmetic

Year 2 Spellings Homework

Building Learning Power




Homework is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday.


Big Talk

Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.



Spelling words are posted on this page each week for all groups. They are tested every week.


Physical Education

Your class PE day is Thursday. Please remember your full PE kit on this day.



Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.



Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).

Mathletics at Montpelier Primary School
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New Mathematics Vocabulary for Year 2

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Year 2 Curriculum Map

Spring 1 Topic - ENVIRONMENTS

Building Learning Power:

Year 2 will be using lots of learning muscles this term. We will need to be Questioning Queen Bees in science so that we can find out about animals and their environments.

Be a Making Links Lion

Be a Making Links Lion

Be a Planning Panda

Be a Planning Panda

Did you know that the full name for a T-Rex is actually a Tyrannosaurus Rex? We will be scrubbing up on our dinosaur facts and writing a non-chronological report about a dinosaur of our own choosing.

Where did Jack magically disappear to? This term, we will be returning to some of our favourite stories as we put a twist on some classic traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Wishes.


Do things measure up? We will begin by looking at centimetres and metres in this measurement unit. Comparing and ordering lengths of everyday objects will put things in real life context.

Our shape knowledge will expand to a new dimension as we identify 2D faces on 3D shapes. Fractions will be a piece of cake for year 2 after we explore parts of a whole in our maths lessons.


What do living things need to survive? Is it the same for all animals?

In this unit we will be looking at the basic needs for survival for all animals and what happens if these things are taken away. We will be learning about a range of habitats and exploring how animals adapt to their surroundings.

As well as this we’ll be hunting for real minibeasts around the school grounds and creating our very own micro-habitat.


This half term the children will be zoologists and will hunt for creepy crawlies. We’ll record our findings in graphs and interpret the data.


Have you heard about large storms or hurricanes that have affected our country or other countries around the world? We will be looking at historical effects of weather and how these events in our history have shaped how and where people live.


Do re mi fa sol la ti do!

We will be exploring pitch and experimenting with tuned and untuned instruments.

Art & Design Technology

Let’s tessellate! We will use our maths knowledge about shapes to create patterns producing simple designs.

Religious Education

The children will continue to learn from stories. We will learn that there are different faith traditions and that the various faith traditions give believers guidance for living. Can you think of a story from a religion that has a moral?


Do you prefer the hot tropics of the Caribbean or the cold mountains of Alaska? Do you know where to look for the Equator?

In this unit we are going to be looking at weather and how it differs between climates around the world.

Physical Education

Are you a budding gymnast? This half-term we will remember, repeat and link combinations of gymnastic actions, body shapes and balances with control and precision.


J’aime les fruits! This half term we will learn the names of fruits in French.


There are lots of events in our school calendar this term. Book Week and Science & Maths Week will take the focus of assemblies as will the theme of forgiveness.


Living in the wider world. This term we will be looking at how to keep ourselves safe, whether that be online or in the home.


2RR will be performing a wonderful class assembly about the skills we use in science. Year 2 will also enjoy taking part in Book Week and the many activities that have been arranged.

Global Citizenship

We will be developing our understanding of the relationship between people and the environment.

Supporting Home Learning for Parents

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