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Homework is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday.

Big Talk

Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.


Spelling words are posted on this page each week for all groups. They are tested every week.

Physical Education

Your class PE day is Tuesday. Please remember your PE kit on this day. 4EC are swimming this full term.


Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.


Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).
Mathletics at Montpelier Primary School
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New Mathematics Vocabulary for Year 4

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Year 4 Curriculum Map


Building Learning Power:

Year 4 will develop their reasoning skills by debating fair trade issues, as well as being able to explain their methods in maths. In science they will be using their distilling skills to help them come to conclusions about what they have discovered.

Be a Distilling Dog

Be a Distilling Dog

Be a Reasoning Robin

Be a Reasoning Robin
Hop in the time machine as we zoom back in time to the Roman Empire. Year 4 will be writing stories with an historical setting. Our class text will be the dramatic ‘Dolphins of Laurenthun’ by Caroline Lawrence.

Join us on our march with the Roman army. Our spelling focus will be words including the graphemes ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ and ‘ey’. We will also be focusing on the rules about how to use semicolons and colons.

Would you rather have 2 quarters of a chocolate cake or half? This term, we will be exploring fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions. Can we work out fractions of amounts in word problems using RUCSAC?
We will also be looking at converting fractions and integers into decimals? Can you divide 5 by 10. Let’s see what hap- pens when we try to break this number into smaller parts…

In coordinates, which is the x and y axis (3, 6) ? We will learn how to plot shapes using coordinates and learn how to describe their positions.

What’s the matter?

Year 4 will be comparing and grouping materials together depending on whether they are solids, liquids or gases. Have you ever wondered why you have to eat your ice-cream in a rush?

Why does water ’disappear’ when you leave it in a bowl on the radiator? We will be investigating the different states of matter and recording our observations.

Come and join Year 4 on our Kodu coin quest! The children will be designing, writing and debugging programs that accomplish specific roles, including controlling or simulating physical systems.
Dexter, sinister, claudio!

Year Four will delve into the depths of history to find out how the Romans impacted life in Britannia. What was it like to be a Roman slave? Year 4 will be discovering life across the class system.

4CV and 4LE will continue to learn chords on the ukulele.

We will be hitting the high notes and ‘getting low’ with scales and pitch. They will be using the full range of their voices.

Art & Design Technology
Year 4 will be developing their observing and sketching skills by drawing artefacts at the Gurdwara.
Religious Education
What do you know about the 5 K’s?

Year Four will go to visit the Gurdwara. We will discuss the things that are the same and different for religious people.

Are you being fair? Year 4 will learn about how large the Roman Empire became. We will think about fair trade in the modern day and debate its impact on different groups of people globally.
Physical Education
4AR will be consolidating their swimming skills and taking their badge tests. Year 4 will be learning the Haka dance and developing their skills in cricket!
Shop till you drop! Year Four will be learning some of the key vocabulary and phrases you need when shopping and ordering food in France.
There are lots of events in our school calendar this term — Book Week and Science & Maths Week will take the focus of assemblies as will the theme of forgiveness.
Living in the Wider World

This term children will be learning what is meant by charity, fundraising, celebrating differences and how to stay safe online. The children will also learn to challenge gender stereotypes.

Year 4 will be visited by the Freshwater Theatre Company who will immerse them in an interactive production about the Romans!
Global Citizenship
To link with our PSHCE topic we will be considering social justice and equity. We will also be learning about how the Romans used to trade between countries.

Mr Almond

Miss Eade

Miss Voden