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Homework is given out every Thursday and expected in your class tray on Tuesday.


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Big Talk homework is distributed by your teacher every two weeks.



Spelling words are posted on this page each week for all groups. They are tested every week.


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Your class PE day is every Wednesday. Please remember your full Physical Education kit on this day.



Please read every day at home. Bring your completed reading record into school on Tuesday.



Please write in pencil for maths. When you have a pen licence you may write in black pen only (not biro).

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Year 5 Curriculum Map

Spring 2 Topic - Myths and Legends

Building Learning Power:

The learning muscles we will be focusing on this term will be Absorption of key information about the Victorian era, and also Imagining what it was like to be a child during this period of time. Furthermore, we will be Collaborating with each other in order to produce a successful science project for our Science Fair.

Be an Absorption Alligator

Be an Absorption Alligator

Be an Imagining Iguana

Be an Imagining Iguana

Be a Collaborative Koala

Be a Collaborative Koala

Who is your favourite mythical character?

We will start this term with a unit of work focussing on myths and legends. We will be identifying the key features of these stories in order to write our own using ambitious vocabulary and sentence structures. In addition, we will be learning how to tell our stories using intonation, dramatic body language and facial expressions. Some of the myths and legends that we will be exploring are Theseus and the Minotaur, Rumulus and Remus, and Pandora’s Box.


Miss Atac will be driving her Ferrari to Wales which is 156 miles. She plans to make 3 equal stops along the way. How many miles is each section of the drive?

This term children will be learning the formal method for division and multiplication, interpreting remainders as fractions or decimals and applying this to real life scenarios. Additionally, we will be consolidating our understanding of fractions and mixed numbers.


How is sound produced? How does it travel? Year 5 will identify how sounds are made and recognise that vibrations from sounds travel from a medium to the ear. We will be exploring pitch and volume including the patterns found between the volume of sound and the strength of vibrations.

Based on this learning, the children will be designing their own sound experiments and analysing their results.


The children will be creating their own blogs as part of the ‘We are Bloggers’ topic and then sharing these with their peers who will be given the opportunity to comment and reflect on them.


We will be consolidating our learning on the Victorian life through our study of Victorian housing design and layout. In addition to this, we will be comparing a Victorian map of London to a current day map and making links between them.


We will be looking at how we can create types of atmosphere in music by experimenting with different pitches and rhythms. The children will be using an array of images from Victorian life to inspire their pieces and enable them to create the appropriate mood.

Art & Design Technology

Our art topic will be based on the Victorians. We will be examining the structure of Victorian houses and the décor inside. The children will then apply their knowledge to design and create their own rooms for a Victorian house.

Religious Education

We will be continuing with our Pilgrimage topic and looking at the significance of these journeys for many of the worldwide religions. How do individuals prepare themselves for these journeys and how does the experience affect them?


In order to prepare for our trip to the Isle of Wight, the children will be familiarising themselves with maps and land use in our location, with a focus on how this may be different in more rural areas such as the Isle of Wight.

Physical Education

How do you perform a forward role?

This half term, the children will be developing their skills in cricket (striking and fielding); tennis (net and wall games) and gymnastics.


Oú est l’école? In French this term we will be making links with our Geography lessons by learning how to ask for directions. We will be playing French games to practise and revise key vocabulary.


There are lots of events in our school calendar this term. Book Week and Science & Maths Week will take the focus of assemblies as will the theme of forgiveness.


This term children will be learning what is meant by charity, fund raising, celebrating differences and how to stay safe online. The children will also learn to challenge gender stereotypes.


The children will have the opportunity to investigate and work collaboratively on a science project for a science fair based on sound.

We will also be taking a trip in our local area in order to research land use in Ealing.

Global Citizenship

Based on our Geography topic, we will look at the relationship between people and their environment by conducting a questionnaire for the local residents of Ealing.

Ms Atac

Mr Gohil

Mr Pagaduan